Friday, January 9, 2015


Perhaps I shouldn't give myself away but this may be my laziest post to date. I started this blog out of a desire to share information that was, way back then, hard to find. Information is everywhere now and still, I can't help sharing even if this post merely cobbles together a selection of links from the first page of my google search. Anyway, I have a couple of friends who might be interested in what I found. Let me explain...

I love seeing people find and explore the process of making things. It's exciting to watch an evolution of discovery especially when you've been wondering what someone would make -not if they could but if they would.  This post is for two friends I've been curious about for a while. They are both creative spirits and well, let's just say surface pattern design has come up in collective conversations. Their lives are busy and full and every now and then they'll share something they've made and leave us wanting more. Maybe I'm being greedy. Oh well. Here is my selfish list of encouragement:

-This link reveals the simplest way to create a repeat pattern using just paper, pens and scissors.

- Here you will find 10 tips for creating pattern designs:  The UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide

-This blog would be really fun to explore. A magazine subscription would be even better: the UPPERCASE blog

-Look! There's even a professional Guild! You could be comrades: Surface Pattern Design Guild

- This book:  "Repeat After Me,"

-How to do it with a computer:  surface pattern design tutorial (& Adobe Illustrator)

-More fun exploring:  Going Home to Roost


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