Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making Things Interesting

There are so many companies making jeans. I like discovering those who inhabit interesting workspaces, use clever machinery and have a well-considered process. Enter Roy and Tender Co.  I'll let the video below speak to the amazingness of Roy's set-up and Tender Co.'s website is worth clicking around to learn more about how they add local value to their product.

(Mind your ears, delicate flowers, this is real life.)

There's another video on Roy's website that shows off the vintage machinery a little better but I can't seem to upload it so just click *here* to see it instead.


  1. I love this! and had a beautiful moment of yelling "YOU CAN HEAR IT!" at the computer when he asked the camera man how he knew his bobbin was almost out of thread. Because we all listen to our weird and wonderful machines and know them that well.
    thx again for great posts. very inspiring!

  2. So true! Machines do plenty of 'talking'.

    Thanks for reading!