Thursday, March 31, 2011


Really, this post is more of a meandering treasure hunt. I'll post a video or two and a few links and you can take it from there -just follow the bread crumbs if you're hoping to learn more. 

First, I will channel the most famous, French Master of Embroidery, Jean Francois Lesage, via Youtube :

Next, to the Jean Francois Lesage website for a lesson on the History of Embroidery. See also the Lesage Embroidery School where one may enroll in full or part-time Embroidery programs.

What. Can't get to Paris? How about a DIY tambour beading video or a couple of internet pages with hand stitching diagrams:

-Victorian Embroidery and Crafts
-reference chart for hand stitching

Finally, for those in need of a refreshingly different take on embellishment, Alabama Chanin will not disappoint. This link will take you to a video about the designer and company (scroll half way down the page).

Good hunting.

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